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What is wrong with many startup, expansion, small, and home based business plans?

  • Large financial investment.

  • Large time commitment.

  • Long term commitment for office/warehouse space.

  • Investment in inventory and supplies.

  • Development of website and advertising programs.

  • Logistical issues pertaining to the delivery of products and services.

  • Plans that ask you to market overpriced goods and services just so you can make good commissions or margins but, make it hard to keep customers.

  • Plans that have you marketing products and services that your typical customer don't know they need or want so if you are not in front of them reselling customer retention is difficult.

  • Working from home or in a small office can make you feel isolated.

  • Lack of repeat orders - as mentioned above there are various reasons for this.

  • Multiple small orders for your products or service that take up an inordinate amounts of your time for low profits.

  • If you are working from home you may have a lack of space for an office or warehouse.

  • Zoning or Home Owners Association may make it difficult or impossible to ship and receive products or have customers or employees to your home.

  • High overhead may make it difficult to survive business slowdowns or take vacation and personal time.

Our commitment to business partners and customers so we can work together to correct these issues. 

  • Little or no financial commitment.

  • Flexibility in time commitments. Find success by investing as little or as much time as you have available.

  • No need for costly office or warehouse space.

  • No need to investment in inventory and no need for supplies.

  • No need to develop websites and run advertising programs.

  • No need to worry about logistics and the delivery of products and services.

  • We will not offer overpriced goods and services. If we cannot offer competitive pricing we just wont offer the product or service. This might mean commission wont be as robust but, long term this will improve customer retention and repeat orders.

  • Our focus will be on products and services people already know and use. This will allow you the time to develop new customers rather than taking your time reselling your current customers.

  • If you decide to work from home it has never been better. As part of a supportive team you can take advantage of social and team building activities.

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What can be done?
  • Work for yourself but, not by yourself.

  • As mentioned above, competitive pricing on products and services customers currently use, encourage customer retention repeat orders.

  • Small orders or large orders we can take care of all your fulfillment. This gives you time to focus on developing new relationships. 

  • No need to stock products or have customers at your home. 

  • The ability to maintain an extremely low overhead makes weathering a slowdown or taking a vacation much easier. Our automated system keeps working even when you don't. Take a vacation and still earn income.

  • Many businesses have closed recently and people have been laid off. Now is a great time to show people how they can be assured of competitive prices on the items and services they need and make some extra money in the process.

  • While many people are sheltering at home, now is a great time to help them see how they can have competitively priced goods and services delivered to their homes while supporting local businesses.

  • We give you the ability to be your own boss, help secure your economic future and develop security for you and your family. After all would you fire yourself?

  • We give you and your customers the ability to schedule delivery at times convenient for all.

  • We will give you the flexibility to work from anywhere you want.

  • You will have the ability to become an independent business partner and create a business entity you can pass onto your heirs.

  • Nothing but quality goods and services.

  • The opportunity to earn more money and buy back more time.

  • Develop the freedom to do what you want when you want.

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